By, Justin “J-Fense” Fensterman

For all of you fans who think they should not watch the annual NBA draft Lottery because they’re team has a two percent chance or lower of getting the 1st overall pick in the draft, think again. Last night the Chicago Bulls, with their 1.7% odds, took home the Number One overall pick over the Miami Heat who had a 25% chance. The Bulls needed this pick more than ever because of the horrible season they had last year. The last time they had a top two pick, they selected Tyrus Thomas, who has shown thus far that he is filled with a terrible attitude and not as much talent to match it. This year though, they cannot lose because their are two elite players in the draft to choose from who will obviously go the first two picks. Besides the two elite players, this draft holds a very deep selection of talent. As of the results from last night, I am going to give an analysis and experts opinion on what each of the 14 non-playoff teams should do with their lottery pick. As the draft gets closer, my partners and I will update you on what each team is thinking of doing with their pick.
The Bulls cannot lose, but at the same time these next few months will be harder for them then any other team going into the draft because they have two different players to choose from. First Derrick Rose, G, Memphis. Rose is a Chicago native, but that should not be the main reason that the Bulls would pick him, he is very versatille and can lead a team, as he did on Memphis bringing them to the National Championship. Rose is a first team All-American and has proven himself on the court. THE PROBLEM: The Bulls right now have three guards who they will try to move. (Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and Chris Duhon). What happens if the Bulls can’t move them by the start of the season? They will have four guards and really no toughness on the inside. Michael Beasley, F, Kansas State: All around good combo forward. He can not only run floor, handle the rock, shoot the three, but he can also play defense. People are calling him a future smaller Kevin Garnett. Wouldn’t you like that on your team. If the Bulls do manage to move one of their guards by draft day, expect Derrick Rose to be the first overall selection of the 2008 NBA draft. Jay Bilas says they will take Rose. J-Fense says that they cannot lose with either one of these picks, but try to alleviate themselves of their guards anyway because its clearly not working for them.
Clear and simple, whomever the Bulls do not take, they will. Imagine a backcourt of Rose and Dwayne Wade…Scary huh? Or imagine a team with Wade and Beasley on it covering all ends collectively…Still scary. The Heat can’t lose.

The Timberwolves are in a very unique position because by the time they choose the elite players will be off the board. Now I understand that Al Jefferson is considered a “Center”. But, he is only 6-10. Imagine a front court featuring Brook Lopez, C, Stanford, and Jefferson, it would completely turn them around defensively because Lopez is 7-3 and plays like he’s 7-3. Now from the other end, can Randy Foye play the point? If he can then you do not go with Jerryd Bayless, G, Arizona. In fact, he should not even be a thought to the Timberwolves. The T-Wolves need scoring so if they do not want to consider moving Jefferson to the PF position, then the obvious choice is USC’s own OJ Mayo. Mayo is a scorer and considered combo guard. If the Wolves select Mayo, they will have a nasty, quick backcourt of Foye and Mayo with Jefferson as their big guy in the middle. This is a very tough pick for the Wolves, but in the end how can you pass up a 7-3 Center, who plays like a 7-3 Center. Or, how can you pass up a scorer like Mayo. Ford says Mayo and I completely agree. (J-Fense pick: OJ Mayo), but I also think Lopez should be considered. I just don’t think you can move Jefferson because that might cause a problem in the inside, but it’s a tough call. They better decide between Lopez and Mayo though.
The Sonics are in a very unique position because eventhough they have three seven footers on their team (Francisco Elson, Johan Petro, and Robert Swift), are any of them a good fit for the Sonics? It’s hard to tell. Now Luke Ridnour has proven himself to be a decent point guard despite his miserable season last year (6.4 ppg, 4 assists). I think the Sonics have given up on him and are ready to choose Jerryd Bayless, who could be a good fit with Kevin Durant. If they do want another option though they could consider OJ Mayo or Lopez, but Mayo might harm the growth of Durant and Lopez would become the fifth Center on the team. J-Fense Pick: Safe bet is choosing Bayless because they have such an unbalanced team and he would seem to work best with Durant. Ford agrees with me.
Memphis needs a solid big man!!! Kwame Brown, Jason Collins and Darko Milicic will not cut it for them. The idle situation would be to choose a PF, but their really is no elite power forward. If they choose Lopez, they must transfer Kwame Brown into their new starting PF. They might also want to consider Anthony Randolph who avereged nearly 16 points and 8.5 rebounds for LSU. Maybe Kevin Love? Who knows. They have Mike Miller, Rudy Gay, and Mike Conley, so I do not see where OJ Mayo would fit for them. J-Fense pick: Anthony Randolph. If Brook Lopez if he is still on the board, he should be considered because they are in dire need of a big man and once they get that solid big man, they will be good again. Should they overdose themselves on Centers though? Hmmmm, tough call, see you out there.
The New York Knicks prayers unfortunately were unanswered last night as they will not be selecting Derrick Rose. Now they have to go with plan B. The 6th pick is rough because it is not garenteed that a scorer like OJ Mayo will be left on the board. The Knicks need everything, but waht they need most is a consistant scorer or PG. Mike D’Antoni wants this team to run and score big. If they can get Mayo, than maybe he would be a good fit. I am throwing this out there though. There is an Italian forward who can both shoot and drive the lane, kind of like a smaller Dirk. His name is Danilio Galinari. The problem with European players is that they are very hit or miss. This guy not only brings strength, excitement and scoring, but for a 19 year old player, he has such explosiveness that would fit the D’Antoni system. Remember, D’Antoni was very successful by winning two titles overseas as a coach before coming to the NBA, so you would think he would know how to work with a guy like this and plus he played ball overseas with his father as well. Now, if you really want a PG that badley you will now want to consider Russell Westbrook from UCLA. Not only is he a 6-3 PG but he might be the sleeper of the draft and is the best prospect from UCLA. If the Knicks want a PG they should choose Westbrook for his size, and quickness. Another option could be Texas PG DJ Augustin. It is a tough call because D’Antoni is successful with foreign players but the Knicks need to focus on a PG and DEFENSE!. J-Fense pick: Russell Westbrook (For now).

I’m sorry, but I think it is time to cut the chord with Shaun Livingston. He is injury prone and the Clippers need a g player to run the floor. This is a simple choice because when you have a team that has upside with Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, and Al Thornton, you need someone to be able to place them and that is why I think Russell Westbrook or DJ Augustin would be a wise selection by the Clippers. Now if they have faith that Livingston can play a whole season without getting hurt, then your next option is to go with Eric Gordon because not only is he a good shooter, but with him, Mobley who avereged over 12 ppg last season, will come off the bench, making the Clippers a very deep and scary team with many options. J-Fense pick: A guard being either Gordon, Westbrook or Augustin. It will depend on if they have faith in Livingston or not. I would go with the pg because with Westbrook or Augustin, you will have immediate success, I predict.
The experts think that they should choose Eric Gordon, and I think they are sadly mistaken. Michael Redd is still in his prime and is a top scorer. Shame on the experts. The Bucks do not have a bad team, but something obviously isn’t working. Bogut proved himself this year, avereging nearly a double-double and if Charlie Vilanueva stays healthy, he will be a really strong PF. Remember they also have Yi Jianlian. What the Bucks need now is a scoring Small Forward and if they get that, they will be back in the playoffs next season. I think that if the Knicks do not take him at 6th, the Bucks might want to try out Danilo Gallinari because he is an explosive SF that is high scoring and can drive. He is a better Desmond Mason, who they already have. They need this guy because he can provide the SF role that this team needs. The projected lineup becomes Mo Williams, Redd, Gallinari, Yi or Vilanueva, and Bogut. Sounds pretty good to me. J-Fense pick: Denilo Gallinari.

The Bobcats are one player away from building up an empire and that player is a PF. Raymond Felton, Adam Morrison, Jasonn Richardson and Emeka Okafor are all ready to go but they need a little more on the defensive end, which is why I think Kevin Love would be their best bet. They are calling Love the next Wes Unseld who was a TOP 50 player historically. Love will not only provide, the Bobcats with what they need on the defensive end, but offensively he has some nice inside moves and once him and Okafor come iinto synch with each other, expect them to become the new twin towers. They could also go with Anthony Randolph who would be monsterous as well, but I think of the two, Kevin Love would be the best bet for the Bobcats. Expect them to be beastly next year with a lineup of Okafor, Love, Morrison, Felton and J-Rich with Gerald Wallace, Nazr Mohammed and Earl Boykins coming off the bench. J-Fense pick: Kevin Love.

All of you Nets fans should not be surprised with who I’m going to defend. Anthony Randolph. A strong PF who is 6-11. You already have Harris, Carter and RJ, now you need to focus on your inside game. Anthony Randolph can be trained as either a PF or C because we are still unsure of which position Sean Williams will play. With the two of them combined, (Williams and Randolph) your inside game improves tremendously and you will be back in the saddle, once the team falls in synch with each other. Another option you might want to consider incase both Randolph and Love are off the board is Darrell Arthur from Kansas another 6-10 PF. I doubt that Randolph and Love will both be off the board by the 10th pick. J-Fense pick: Anthony Randolph

The Pacers can go with a few options. The experts think that Jamal Tinnsley is on the downside and I disagree. I don’t think you need to think long term with this team. The Pacers need a big man. Will Jermaine O’Neal be on the team next season? Who knows? They still should focus on getting a PF and that is why I think Darrell Arthur would be the most prime selection for this team. I see him working well with Jermaine O’Neal. He will not interfere and with his size, he can provide the defense Indiana needs in order to sneak into the playoffs next year. If not Darrell Arthur, then I guess they could take DeAndre Jordan who is a 7 foot center but he played for Texas A and M like an undersized ball player avereging 8 pts and 6 rebounds, but Arthur from the stats is a lot better for them because if they need Jermaine O’Neal to play center, he will and can do it. Arthur avereged 12.8 pts and 7 boards. J-Fense pick: Darrell Arthur.

They seemed to be filled at most positions. Brad Miller at Center, Artest at SF, Kevin Martin at SG are the top three on the team. For some reason though I not convinced that Beno Udrih is the future for them. He might be good for now and he was decent last year, but if they have any shot at getting DJ Augustin, take him and run. They need a solid back up pg. Also, they have no PF which might actually take priority. I actually think Donte Greene from Syracuse or JaVale McGee from Nevada would fit. Both have tremendous upside, and McGee especially has speed and is 7 feet tall and listed as a PF and Brad Miller is very slow so McGee could speed up the transition of the front court and him, Artest and Miller would become a dangerous front court. Greene is more of a scoring threat, but is plenty athletic. J-Fense pick: JaVale McGee
I think everyone can agree that this team is going to destroy next year. The board is open for them. I think if they go with a guy like Joe Alexander, you get a guy with great offense, 16.9 pts last year for West Virginia and he avereged over 6 rebounds. He is also 6-8. As the experts say, for their pick Donte Greene might also be good for this Portland team but they do not seem to be lacking in the big men category. Alexander seems like he would be the best fit to this already stacked team. J-Fense pick: Joe Alexander
The Warriors need a Center and I think Marreese Speights is the perfect fit for them. He is often compared to Elton Brand and has a pretty good inside game and avereged over 8 boards for Florida and the Warriors need a defensive game. Another option to consider is DeAndre Jordan, but Speights statwise seems like he would fit better for them and work well with Baron Davis. A front court of Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson and Speights would be a great combo of height, toughness and scoring. Speights is the right man for this team because they do not have a Center right now. J-Fense pick: Marreese Speights
That is it for now, but as the draft comes closer, we will have a better understanding of what these teams want. Expect this year to be a very exciting draft because of the amount of talent in it.