Are the Yankees Done?

By, Justin “J-Fense” Fensterman

We are going to take a break from Brett Favre and Michael Phelps stories and talk about another historic event that might take place within the next month and that is the MLB playoffs…without the New York Yankees.  After a second straight loss to their arch-rivals the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees are on the verge of getting swept at home against the team that every Yankee fan hates.  Last nights loss put them seven games behind the redsox and 10.5 games behind the Tampa Bay Ray’s.  Even though the Sox and the Ray’s are in the Yanks division, they cannot forget about the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins who are in a dogfight for the AL Central division title.  The Yanks are third in the wild card race behind the Red Sox and the Twins.

For the past few seasons, everyone was questioning the Yanks playoff chances because of how slow they started.  The difference between this season and previous ones, is that it is August and the Yankees are not in control.  Instead, they are falling out.  Isn’t this the same team that has come back from multiple games back in the final month?  Yes, that is why fans are questioning their playoff life and not just writing them off.

1993: In 1993 Michael Jordan won his third straight Championship, Rodney King testified in court, and Bill Clinton was just starting as President.  That year was also the last time the Yanks missed the Post Season.  Every year the Yankees are expected to make the playoffs and every year they have delivered…until now.  They have no more than 30 games left in the season and to have any shot they must win at least 23 of them.  I understand that they have been marred by injuries to key players such as Joba Chamberlain, Chin Ming Wang and Jorge Posada, but shouldn’t a team with a 206 million dollar payroll have extra talent on the backburner?  You would think yes, but from what we have seen recently, it doesn’t seem like it.  Are the Yanks officially done?  No, but it is not looking good and if you ask my opinion, I would say RIP Yanks.  It will be very difficult to come back and if they want to, they better bring back guys like Paul O’neill, Don Mattingly and Reggie Jackson, but even with them, they might just be in too big of a deficit to fight back.  Yankee magic has proven itself before, but is there enough magic in the moonlight to keep their playoff dreams alive?  You tell me!