SportsZone is American University Television’s (ATV’s) longest running round-table sports talk show, which consists of panelists debating about the most recent news and controversy within nation-wide professional and collegiate sports.  Created in 2003 by producer/host Andy Mattison and later run by Max Blum in 2005, SportsZone has been known for its knowledgeable sports comments and fun on-air atmosphere.

     Under the production of host Sean Speirs, SportsZone is keeping such a successful tradition alive with extremely good looking panelists Tom “Terrific” Anderson, Dan “Kinger” King, and Steve “Rosie” Rosenberg.  With an increase in debate, sports wit, and amusing environment, SportsZone will forever be one of ATV’s top television programs.

     After conducting live shows in American University’s Tavern and at several of AU Eagles Men’s Basketball games in Bender Arena, SportsZone continues to look for new ways to improve the sense of sports knowledge not only for American University’s campus community, but also for regular fans of sports around the nation.

    While SportsZone can be watched every Tuesday night at 11:59 P.M. on ATV (Ch.2 and Ch.15 on campus) during the Fall and Spring semesters, re-runs of each episode can also be found on ATV’s official website or Itunes. 

     Continue to catch us here at sportszoneatv.wordpress.com for the latest updates in sports and exclusive blogging stories by our very own cast and crew.

Want it. Live it. Get it.


“SportsZone…Starts Now!”


SportsZone Cast and Crew

3 Responses to “About SportsZone: The Show”

  1. Larry Baumhor Says:

    This is a very ambitious and informative site. What an undertaking! I wish you guys continued success. I certainly would use this as an accomplishment on your resumes. I also would try to be connected with Google so when people search key words your site comes up. I would present this site to an AU offical and try to get some school funding. I’m a big fan of SportsZone and Mr. Speirs. Sean, you out did yourself!

    Congratulations, Larry

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